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Mapping Your Krannert Network Folders (V: or U:) on Windows 10

Mapping Your Krannert Network Folders (V: or U:) on Windows 10

1. Press the Windows Key + E to open File Explorer


2. Near the top of the window, select the Computer tab, and click "Map network drive"


3. Select desired Drive letter in the “Drive:” drop down box (For those with Krannert-owned devices, we suggest not using U: or V:, because those will map automatically when you are in your Krannert office.  For personally owned devices, it is perfectly fine to use U: or V: as the drive letter).
From there enter path in “Folder:”
For your V: Drive enter https://files.krannert.purdue.edu/DFS/
For your U: Drive, enter https://files.krannert.purdue.edu/DFS/USER/
Click on "Reconnect at login".
Select "Connect using Different Credentials"
Click Finish


4. Enter your credentials in the form KRANNERT\
Enter your password.
Click "Remember my credentials".
Click OK


5. (Optional) You have successfully mapped you Krannert netowrk folder. To access the contents of your U: Drive, you can either navigate to V:\USER\
OR - Simply repeat the steps above using the U: as the Drive and https://files.krannert.purdue.edu/DFS/USER/ as the Folder in section #3. 


6. (Optional) The default displayed name is not very descriptive:

You can change the displayed name by right clicking on the drive in the drive list and select rename.

File Name Download
MappingKrannertNetworkFolders-Win10.pdf Download