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About ResearchNow

ResearchNow is a set of Windows-based virtual machines (VM) pre-configured with a variety of common research applications that can be used for short-run "workstion level" computational tasks.  These VMs are accessed by Remote Desktop, the same way you would access your Krannert office computer from remote.  We will assign CPU and RAM resources based on the needs of the project and available resources.  ResearchNow VMs can be reserved at a weekly rate for up to 8 weeks at a time (if a longer term is needed, please talk to us). 

Note - Since these are temporary desktops which are erased after usage, it is expected that users store data generated in their U:, V:, W: or local computer.


Requesting ResearchNow Resources

Please send an email to kcchelp@purdue.edu to request access to ResearchNow.  Any information you can share about your project and software needs will help us get started.



These applications are currently installed on all ResearchNow VMs:

StataMP (Up to 32 vCores)
R (R Studio, R Tools)
Python (Canopy)

If you would like to see other applications supported in ResearchNow, please let us know.



Currently (and this may change based on our observations), ResearchNow VMs do have general internet access by default to aid with the downloading of plugins for R, Stata, Python and such.  As such, there are a few very important ground rules:

  • Web scraping, data mining or similar operations executed against public websites is strictly prohibited without approval of the Dean. 
  • The use of software that is not explicitly licensed to Purdue is prohibited.
  • The storage/processing of data that is considered "Senstive or Restricted", i.e. data that would be covered by FERPA and other statutes, or is proprietary and governed by a usage agreement, is prohibited without approval of the KCC (and in some cases the University Data Stewards).  Data must be handled according to the data agreement and relevant statutes.  We have facilities for dealing with such things, so talk to us early and often.

Basically, talk to us... we can help you navigate just about anything.