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Krannert Student Orientation

01 Learn about the KCC and ITaP

Quick Facts

Purdue has many different technology groups, some focused on specific operational goals, research, or academics. As a Krannert student, you will likely only ever deal with two groups on campus.


ITaP, which stands for Information Technology at Purdue, is the large central IT organization of the University. They handle the overall architecture and provide gloal services. Some examples of the services they provide are your Purdue Career Account, provide Office 365 email access, run the wired and wireless network, and run multiple labs across West Lafayette campus.


The Krannert Computing Center (KCC) is a dedicated IT group for the Krannert School of Management. KCC provides IT solutions for academic and research needs primarily for Krannert faculty, staff, and students. Some of their solutions, such as Video Express, are used by other units on campus.

02 Ensure you have the right equipment

Laptop Recommendations

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
  • Memory: 8GB RAM or better
  • Video Card: any
  • Hard Drive: 250GB+ (SSD for better performance)
  • Optical Drive: Not required
  • Networking: Gigabit Ethernet and Wireless 802.11 (G, N, and/or AC)
    • Gigabit Ethernet connection (or appropriate Dongle or USB networking adapter)
    • Wireless 802.11 (preferably AC, but also G or N)
  • External Ports: at least 1 USB 2.0 (or higher) port
  • Anti-virus: Windows Defender
  • Windows/Mac Updates: Apply all critical patches and check for updates automatically


  • Download and install free antivirus software
  • Turn on Windows Firewall or a third party firewall
  • Turn on Windows Automatic Updates
  • Be careful with email attachments and Internet downloads
  • No official Purdue organization will ever ask you for your password or provide you a password in an email

03 Complete the Student Readiness Checklist

Understand your Purdue Career Accounts and Email

Purdue Career Account

  • Single username and password for all services
  • Your password must be changed every 365 days
  • Contact the KCC at kcchelp@purdue.edu for assistance with your Purdue Career Account



Set up your Internet Connection

Residential Students

Remote Students

Connect to our virtual services

RemoteApp (Virtual Lab)

  • Students will not have access to RemoteApp until they are fully registered for courses
  • Remote App is a Krannert-provided service that allows students, staff, and faculty to remotely access software directly from the internet
  • Remote App gives you access to lab software for free without having to install it locally on your computer, and it is available to all students enrolled in a Krannert course
  • Doctoral students and faculty have access to research virtual applications which are configured to work on their datasets for longer periods of time
  • Students will not have access to RemoteApp until their first semester enrolled in courses
  • Connect to RemoteApp


Network Drives

Graduate and Ph.D. Students

  • Students will not have access to Network Drives until they are fully registered for courses
  • There are two common drives the V drive and the U drive
  • The V drive contains folders common to your department and only folders that you have access to will appear. This allows for collaboration.
  • The U drive allows you to store 100 GB of your personal data and is automatically mapped on all Krannert Windows computers

Undergraduate Students

  • TaP provides each student, staff, faculty member with the W drive (a 5 GB quota)
  • Residential users can use this drive to store files that they want to appear on the desktop when they login to lecterns in the Purdue classrooms
  • Follow these steps to map your W drive

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is administered by ITaP and allows you to access certain systems and applications when you are off-campus
  • Learn more and install the VPN



Microsoft Teams

04 Know about our other residential services


  • Print quota is
    • 1500 pages for undergraduate students per semester
    • 2000 pages for graduate students per semester
    • 2500 pages for Ph.D. students per semester
  • Print from your device by visiting https://print.krannert.purdue.edu
  • Rawls 4082 has 2 color printers
  • Rawls has multiple locations in the hallways near the rest rooms
  • Print Release is on the 2nd floor of the commons area and in the Drawing Room

Video Express

  • Video Express is a self-service video recording site
  • You can incorporate multiple digital inputs including PowerPoint slides, movie files, websites, and live video of the presenter
  • Recorded videos are automatically uploaded to Purdue's website for easy sharing